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Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Universal Time Equipment Company offers healthcare organizations powerful tools designed to improve patient safety, healthcare communications, and clinical workflow. The innovative, sustainable solutions we offer augment patient care and help improve patient outcomes and the healthcare environment for every patient population you serve.

Fall Prevention

Our West-Com workflow stations can be used to schedule hourly and environmental rounds. Staff members can be notified by text message and visually on CareBoards if rounds are overdue.

Connect the patient bed (wired or wireless) to the nurse call system to monitor if the bed is in compliance or if the patient is moving off the bed. Integration is available with Stryker, Linet and Hill-Rom Beds.

Record the results of the patient’s fall risk assessment using the workflow station, or import the results from the EMR. An icon can represent fall status and be displayed outside the patient’s room, in the patient’s room and on the Unit CareBoards.

The bathroom assistance button on the pillow speakers allows patients to notify the caregiver that the patient needs to get out of bed. An assist button, in addition to the emergency pull cord in the patient’s bathroom, allows the patient to notify their caregiver when they need help returning to bed.

Patient and Family Communication and Engagement

The West-Com Patient CareBoard is a crucial communication tool used to inform patients, family members, and staff regarding the patient care plan and room events. Information can be displayed from the facility’s EMR system or input through a Web application. Current staffing information updates automatically, and active patient calls are displayed to provide assurance to the patient that a caregiver will respond shortly. The patient and family members feel reassured when the photo and name of the

caregiver entering the room is displayed on the screen. It can even display the current bed configuration and notify you when it is out of compliance.

The Patient CareBoard:

  • Provides visual call assurance
  • Encourages patient and family involvement
  • Ensures staffing information is accurate
  • Reduces patient calls
  • Helps reduce readmissions

Telehealth Services

Providing timely access to quality care and keeping patients and family members informed about their care plan are common goals for most healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, timely access to quality care could be prevented or delayed due to geographical restrictions, safety concerns, and inadequate communication workflow. Nurses are asked to convey important clinical care plan information about patients on handwritten grease boards which are hard to read and difficult to keep current. Providers are often overscheduled, causing care delivery and patient discharge delays. The Patient CareBoard can deliver digital care plans and telehealth services inside every patient room to provide ubiquitous, safe and effective communication, optimize care delivery, and display clear and accurate patient care plans.

Vitalchat™ Telehealth

West-Com’s Patient CareBoard™ seamlessly integrates Vitalchat™ Telehealth services to enhance and complement your existing patient care workflow. These virtual telehealth resources will increase patient and caregiver safety, improve clinical collaboration, enable specialty care access, and allow offsite family connection and engagement.

  • Virtual rounding
  • Virtual providers and specialists
  • Virtual family visits
  • Secure access from a web browser on any smart device, from anywhere

Virtual eSitter

Remotely monitor patient rooms with intelligent video that can detect patients at risk of falling or developing pressure injures.

  • Fall awareness
  • Increased nurse efficiency
  • Individual room or unit monitoring
  • Remote accessibility
  • Ability to activate nurse call for a specific room
  • Real-time activity dashboard

Virtual Family Visits

Allow family members to visit with their loved ones, even if they are in isolation or unable to physically be at the facility. Family members receive a secure invite and can visit virtually their loved one from any device that can run a current web browser.

Workflow Improvement and Patient Safety

Workflow stations are a powerful communication and collaboration tool used to set care reminders, collaborate with team members and communicate with other services such as EVS, lab, imaging and transportation. Rounding time periods are configurable and can be set for multiple care providers. Use to maximize compliance when implementing multidiscipline rounding standards.

  • Support for multidiscipline rounding
  • Reduced risk of hospital-acquired conditions
  • Set care reminders
  • Collaborate with support services

Actionable Alerts and Customized Communication

Easily view patient calls, unit events, equipment and staff location on an interactive map of the unit. West-Com’s Nurse Console station provides a single display that keeps you informed, as well as allow staff members to communicate with patients, set staff assignments, send text messages and more. All tones, colors, floor maps, and text are configurable to the facility’s requests. The Nurse Console display is offered in different sizes and can be mounted on an arm to save desk space at the nurses station.

  • Activate Quiet Mode to lower noise levels
  • Establish Alarm Management Rules
  • Understand current care demands at a glance
  • Use configurable call escalation protocols
  • Send direct requests automatically to assigned Caregiver

Wireless Emergency Call Kit

All-in-one, simple to use, and easy to deploy wireless nurse call solution for emergency preparedness and overflow space conversion.

Unexpected emergencies and equipment outages can wreak havoc on care staff, biomed & engineering teams who must activate back-up plans instantaneously while not interrupting care for patients. Whether your need is temporary due to a healthcare crisis, or seasonal due to illnesses like the flu, patients must have a way to contact their caregiver easily and reliably.

West-Com’s Wireless Emergency Call Kit is a pre-programmed system that anyone can set up in minutes and is the easiest, safest, and most efficient answer to this long-standing problem in hospitals.

Set up in under 5 minutes!

West-Com’s Wireless Emergency Call Kit is an all-in-one, simple to use, and easy to deploy solution that allows patients to call for assistance by pressing a button on their wireless pendant. Caregivers are notified of the call on the desktop digital call display or directly on their pager.

The Wireless Emergency Call Kit comes pre-programmed and includes:

(1) Preprogrammed digital call display
(24) Wireless pendants (waterproof) with neck straps
(2) Wireless transceivers
(3) Power supplies

Clinic Workflow Solutions

West-Com’s CliniCare keeps your clinic moving by reducing patient-care cycle delays and sharing meaningful patient, care provider, and exam room statuses.

Room Status

View the ClinicMap to see the status of the clinic’s exam rooms: available, occupied, or needs attention. The room status is changed through the workflow station or the CliniCare application.

Care Provider Status

A care provider can register themself in an exam room by using the i-Dome® , i-Dome® Touch or i-Status® workflow stations. The ClinicMap displays the location of the care provider.

Patient Status

Patients waiting for the next care cycle are identified and tracked so care providers know which patient to visit next.

Call Devices

West-Com offers a variety of call devices, including patient call, staff emergency, staff assist, code white, code blue, emergency bath pull cords, bath assist and several others. All call stations are supervised and will send a notification if an error is detected.


ClinicCare interfaces with the clinic’s scheduling system to receive the daily appointment information. This information is used to speed up the check-in process and identify patients who are either late or no-shows.

Check-In Kiosk

A Check-In Kiosk allows the patient to check-in for their appointment without having to wait. The reception desk is notified that the patient has checked in and to start the patient-care cycle.

Wireless Devices

As an option, receivers can be located throughout a clinic to detect alarm signals from patients’ pendants, giving patients peace of mind and the ability to signal for help if needed. The wireless system operates at 418MHz, which allows for greater penetration through wood, block, concrete and steel beam walls.

Real Time Location Services / Asset Tracking Solutions

Nurse Call Automation

Real time tracking of nursing staff allows a care giver to respond to a patient call by allowing the care giver to enter a patient room and give the patient full attention while the system automatically cancels the call rather than the nurse having to first fumble around and find the cancel button before attending to the patient’s needs. Staff locations can be shown on a map view on the Master Console Station at the nurse desk to allow care givers to be found quickly when needed.

Staff Duress

A hospital setting can be a challenging environment. Clinical staff safety and protection is a growing concern in healthcare. Using a button located on the staff locator tags, personnel can call for assistance without having to reach a phone or other device. The caregiver can call for help without leaving a patient in need. A staff member can call for assistance in the middle of an evolving situation while staying fully engaged.

Asset Tracking/Management

Staff can spend less time searching for medical equipment, such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices with an Automated Asset Tracking system. This allows more time for care givers to spend with patients and allows staff to locate and utilize the critical resources the patients need in a timely manner. Return on Investment (ROI) is often seen quickly as the Maintenance Department spends less time looking for devices that need scheduled preventative maintenance to be put back into service. The inability to locate resources often results in a facility paying to lease equipment that they own but cannot produce. An asset tracking system can eliminate these rental and wasted hourly costs while increasing nursing satisfaction relative to equipment availability.

Contact Tracing & Hand Hygiene Compliance

Improving hand hygiene compliance is the most effective measure to reducing the spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). One hospital studied saw a 350% increase in compliance and a 43% decrease in HAI count, saving over $1M a year in HAI reduction cost savings.

Hand Hygiene systems:

  • Can monitor 100% of hand hygiene opportunities
  • Compliance data is not subject to human error or reactive bias.
  • Improves clinical workflow with no change in established hand hygiene protocols.
  • Eliminates time spent doing data entry and building compliance reports
  • Comprehensive analysis tools to identify where additional interventions are needed
  • Proactively increases compliance with a gentle reminder to staff

Mapping / Wayfinding

Indoor/outdoor mapping and real-time wayfinding is available to help healthcare facilities streamline processes and improve the patient experience. Facility blueprints are transformed into interactive, user-friendly maps with easy access to directories, parking areas, lists of local “near me” points of interest (POIs), and more. Patients, staff, and visitors can then view a webpage, mobile application, or dedicated kiosk for directions across campuses, between buildings and floors, and back to their parking location. Routes are customizable and can be selected by the user to avoid certain barriers, such as stairs or quarantine areas.

Indoor navigation applications can leverage accurate location services to deliver tremendous value and ROI for healthcare. Utilizing smartphones or other personal devices, an enhanced experience with turn-by-turn directions can be created from home, throughout the campus, within each building, and back to parking location.